Most people think that everyday foods are totally okay, and the ones that are truly harmful either look dangerous or have some special smell. And while this is partially true, some of the ordinary, simple foods we eat all the time also have a potential to kill a person. Think a cup of milk won’t do you any harm? But what happens if you drink two or three of them? And what about the seemingly harmless and absolutely delicious cinnamon? Here are a few foods that you need to be careful with.


It’s the problem with most stone fruits – you should never ever eat their stones, even if you’re just curious. Cherries (along with apricots, plums and peaches), contain cyanide. A considerable amount of it is hidden in the cherry pit. But it’s okay if you swallow a whole cherry pit, the poison won’t get into your body. But if you swallow a broken bitter-tasting cherry pit, then you’re in trouble. So how much is too much? Research shows that one cherry pit is enough to kill a 150-pound man. For hydrogen cyanide to become lethal you need to consume approximately 0.1 grams of the toxin. One cherry contains 0.17 grams of hydrogen cyanide, so you can do the math. One or two freshly crushed cherry pits can easily kill a person!