Not everybody believes in conspiracies, and frankly saying there are as many conspiracy theories as people in the world. It’s not easy to decipher if it’s legit and true or if it’s only yellow press trying to get more readers by making up false beliefs. There is a number of ancient and special symbols that have been around for hundreds of years and they mean more than meets the eye. So what is a true meaning of this mystic word illuminati? Since it became so popular in the recent years you can see many definitions of it on Google. Yet not everybody clearly understands what’s the fuss is all about. The word itself has a religious meaning. Nowadays the Illuminati are usually people who control the International Bankers for evil purposes, they are type A personality, well educated and trained to be placed behind the scenes at all levels of government.


1. Mind control
They want to have a population that is blind to everything that is currently going on in the government. By making us concerned with things like what Jay-Z is having for breakfast or what celebrity got a tattoo on her buttocks. We become distracted and easily manipulated. And what is truly worrying is the fact that we want to follow these celebrities, we want to know everything about them. It becomes ridiculous to think that we sometimes know more about celebs than we do about our spouses. And it’s all thanks to the news that we read on a regular basis. Often times, average Americans will be able to tell you more about their favourite actors than about current affairs or what is going on in the country next to them. Sounds scary, right? The thing is that you can’t blame them because the media will do anything to succeed in feeding people news they can live without for hundred years. It’s no accident, it’s well thought and designed to work that way, because indeed if they talk about celebs issues like it’s the most important thing in the world chances are, it becomes the most important thing. Major advertising companies are designed that way too, they know what they are after, they are well aware the kinds of results it will get.
And later on, it’s all reflected in shaping our actions, attitudes, and beliefs.