Some people are able to impress us everyday. Others… well, we’re surprised to say the least.

A man had a chance encounter with an anaconda camouflaged within the debris of a river. You might be wondering if his ability to spot the undetected was what we found so profound. I’m afraid to say that isn’t the case. It’s what he did next.

He began to nudge the snake with a stick, as if engaging in some sort of poke-war on Facebook.

What do you know about snakes? I confess I’m no expert myself but some inner voice I like to call “common sense” tells me to stay clear of reptiles. Especially, big reptiles. Maybe it has something to do with their deadly bites or their lightning-fast movements. I can’t quite put my finger on it but apparently, neither could this guy.

By giving this man the benefit of the doubt, maybe his voice checked out that day, I’d say he’s earned the ‘Darwinism at it’s best’ award.